What Would You Do for Love


From the outside looking in, Reggie Brooks is just an average guy working as a fitness trainer in a neighborhood gym. His good looks have always worked to his benefit overshadowing the fact that he lives paycheck to paycheck struggling to make ends meet. After being notified that he has come into a lump sum of money years after his parents perished in the tragedy of 9/11, Reggie decides that it’s best to keep his new multi-millionaire status under wraps. The only person who knows the truth about his bank account is Reggie’s childhood friend Blake Montgomery. Tired of hearing his best friend whine about meeting a good woman, Blake and his fun loving wife Piper challenge Reggie to go on a dating blitz in an attempt to find a wife in 30 days or less. Will he be able to find his true love before the media gets the word out blowing his cover completely? Reggie and his friends are in a race against the clock to keep his money a secret until he can find a woman to love him for him.

CAST: Carl Payne, Christian Keyes, Jason Weaver
DIRECTOR: Drew Powell