He’s Mine Not Yours


When reputed playboy Kent decides to finally settle down, his girlfriend Brooke decides to test his loyalty. She hires a woman to tempt him, but her plan backfires when the woman begins to fall in love with Kent. Kent (Jason Weaver, ATL, Drumline) is ready to put his bachelor lifestyle behind him and marry the girl he loves. But first, he must prove that his promiscuous past will have no role in his happily wedded future. Convinced that “old habits die hard”, his fiancée Brooke (Gabrielle Dennis, The Game, Bring It On: Fight to the Finish) hires a reputational temptress (Caryn Ward, The Game, N-Secure, Steppin: The Movie) to confirm her suspicion that Kent is unable to resist a forbidden fruit within his reach. But, when the seductress falls for Kent, this test of trust becomes a fight for affection as both vie to be the central focus of Kent’s love.

CAST: Caryn Ward, Gabrielle Dennis, Jason Weaver
DIRECTOR: Roger Melvin