For the Love of Ruth


For the Love of Ruth” follows the journey of Ruth Sommerling (Boutté), who, orphaned as a child and currently residing in a women’s shelter, has lived a life filled with pain and disappointment. In rapid succession, Ruth marries Nicholas Marachond, but a dreadful accident leaves her widowed. Refusing to abandon the new family ties she’s formed, Ruth develops a close bond with matriarch of the Marachond family, Naomi Marachond (Devine), who introduces Ruth to a different kind of life – one that is fuller and more fulfilling. However, Naomi’s brother-in-law Stephen (Pickens Jr.) discourages this connection and voices his suspicion of Ruth’s intentions. Ultimately, the love she desired all her life is found in Naomi’s reclusive cousin, Braxton (Dourdan) who, despite objections from others, showers Ruth with love and kindness.

CAST: Dawn Halfkenny, Denise Boutte, Gary Dourdan, Gary Weeks, Loretta Devine
DIRECTOR: Christine Swanson