Chasing Waterfalls


Olivia (Sidora), a spiritual, talented and ambitious young designer who exchanges textile remnants from the garment factory where she works for the privilege of sitting in on design classes in the evening. Her days are spent working as a seamstress for Salma Barrie (Jasmine Guy), the icy owner of a once successful clothing brand. As she jumps at the opportunity to become the new fashion “It Girl,” Olivia must balance her family responsibilities, especially the caring of her wheelchair-bound, recently retired father Quincy (Tim Reid) and troublesome sister Coco (Kisa Willis). When Salma Barrie’s lead designer Hiram Locke (Daniel May) defects to launch a high profile competing line, Olivia finds an ally in Salma’s free-spirited son, Cabot (Redaric Williams). With his support (and connections) Olivia presents her innovative concept for a fashionable, eco-friendly clothing line to his mother. Unfortunately, Olivia’s life quickly spirals out of control as she hurts and takes advantage of people who helped her along the way. Matters become “dire” when Salma’s daughter Doreen (Joyful Drake) hatches her own plan for the company, and though pleased with the success of her brand, Salma’s jealousy toward Olivia could bring the fashion house tumbling down.

Cast: Drew Sidora, Jasmine Guy, Brandon Hirsch, Joyful Drake, Kevin Savage, Kisa Willis, Redaric Williams, Tim Reid
Director: Ryan Richmond