EXCLUSIVE: Tami Roman (The Ms. Pat ShowTruth Be Told) will executive produce and star in the BET+ holiday film Whatever It Takes from Swirl Films and Roman Ramsey Productions premiering later this year.

“We wanted to create a film that would not only entertain but also resonate with people during the holiday season,” said Roman. “It’s a story that showcases the beauty of love and the power of forgiveness, even in the face of the most challenging situations.”

From writers TuShonda Whitaker and Amaleka McCall Brathwaite, Whatever It Takes focuses on how messy the holidays can be. Sure, it’s typically the time for love and friendship but that’s not what this movie is about.

As per the logline: Santa’s big bag is carrying nothing but folks’ emotional baggage. When it all gets exposed, chaos ensues, and everyone must learn how to navigate unexpected obstacles. This film combines comedy, drama, and the warmth of the holiday spirit to remind audiences that sometimes you have to do whatever it takes to find love and happiness.

“As a female-led production company, it is our mission to always give the proper representation of other women – especially Black women. This film encompasses that; light-hearted, romance, fun, intertwined with real-life circumstances nonetheless,” said Roman Ramsey co-founder, Jill Ramsey.

“Working with Tami and Jill on this movie has been such an enjoyable journey. I believe ‘Whatever It Takes’ is a story that will connect with viewers and inspire them to treasure the time they spend with their loved ones, especially around the holidays!” said Swirl Films founder, Eric Tomosunas.

The film is produced for BET+ by Swirl Films and Roman Ramsey Productions. Executive Producers are Roman and Ramsey for Roman Ramsey Productions; Eric Tomosunas for Swirl Films; Devin Griffin, Marvin Neil and Lorisa Bates for BET+.